Hola, Ustedes !
Voy a hacerles unas preguntitas descabelladas. (You have the right NOT to answer !): [H]

1. ¿Que clase de creatura es esta que "eats...shoots and leaves" ?

2. Esta creatura de dos pies no es ningun monarca, pero hace gala de una corona...y barba tambien.

3. Esta creatura siempre anda con dos pares de zapatos.

4. What sort of doctor deals mainly with assholes ?

'ta luego.
I will venture a guess on--
1. Panda
3. Caballo
4. The kind who treats hemorroides.
You ventured right, Anónimo ! [Y]

But you passed #2. Why not
try again ?
Halo, exlMark -
Pray tell me how the hell can a poor panda shoot...unless it is a dude
disguised as a panda? Emotion: big smileja...ja...ja..ja!!
That isn't funny enough, Nimo.

Now, escuchame bien:
The question did not imply that pandas can shoot.

Nada de eso ! What the question did imply is that pandas eat (feed on) shoots (bamboo shoots, that is) and leaves (plant leaves) ! Emotion: rofl HA..HA..HA..HO..HO..HO !!!

Ahora, comprendes? [H]