Hello to all. This is my first post on this forum, and I hope it's in the right section. I'm a 55 year old geezer that has decided to learn spanish, mainly in the Mexican dialect. I know enough to say hola, and that's about it. What I'm looking for is some mp3s I can put on my mp3 player and listen to at work that teach the basics. I downloaded a couple from here. But for more, they charge $$.

http://rocketspanish.com /

I was hoping to find some free ones, but google isn't helping much.

Anyway, great forum, and I hope to be spending a lot of time here learning. Thanks for allowing me to visit and learn. Emotion: smile
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There is another forum also which I think is free: studyspanish.com
JhumkaThere is another forum also which I think is free: studyspanish.com
Yes there are a lot of usefull stuff for free on the site you mention and even more if you become a member (which should be free too)

I have learnt much there, as I wrote Here and it has been mentioned here as well

But I am not sure if it is possible for you to use this on your MP3...I do not know how that works Emotion: thinking
You can find some free stuff, but it's going to be real "fundamental" or all in Spanish, like newscasts or similiar. What I've done is to buy lessons in CD format and "rip" them onto MP3 or WAV format. I've got 12 CDs on mine right now. It takes up 380MB or so. Although I can listen to the CDs in the car, me gusta la conveniencia. Sin embargo, debes comprarlos. You have to buy them.

¡Hasta Pronto!
Thanks for the Berkeley link. I hadn't seen that site.

As for free mp3's, if you have an iPod you can find free "Learning Spanish" podcasts through iTunes. If you are unfamiliar with Podcasts they are user produced radio-like shows that you can subscribe to through iTunes. Everytime you hook up you iPod to the computer, it will download any recent shows to it. They are of varying degrees of quality, but if you try a few you might find one that works for you.

For me, I've been using Pimsleur audio lessons for the last 3 months and I have found them better than anything else I've tried. They are very expensive though (I bought them used). You can download mp3's from a site like Audible.com and save money over the CD version, but I think they are still $100+ for each 15hr series. The best bet is to buy a used version.
^You don't need to have an iPod to use the podcasts. Just iTunes. I have iTunes and I d/l the podcasts and just burn them to a cd.
También tienes un enlace para que leas y escuches las "audionotas culturales" (del libro "¿Cómo se dice...?").

You also have a link for you to read and listen the "audionotas culturales" (from the book "¿Cómo se dice...?").


Try this link, lots of free mp3 here: http://www.oculture.com/2006/10/foreign_languag.html
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