Hi Guys
We (me and my partner) are making a move to Spain in a year and a half. We have been taking Spanish classes once a week for about 2.5 months (+ I spend about 1.5h each day studying on my own) but we want to go to Ecuador for about 5 months before we go to Spain, to learn Spanish over there. It's just so much cheaper in South America ($5-6 for a lesson with a private teacher) + we can travelled around.
Do you think that learning South American Spanish is going to creat any issues for us later when we are in Spain? I can't imagine it would (I learned British English back when I lived in Poland and I am now living in Australia and doing ok) but I am curious. Has anyone got a similar experience?
Hello Magdabis and welcome to the forums! Emotion: smile

I don't think you'll have any difficulties. It is true that there are differences but the important things is that we understand each other no matter what Spanish you learn.
tu sabes k no swe hablar tu idioma