Hi all

I can't believe it, finally a place where i can learn spanish online for free. Im sooo happy Emotion: smile

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and making spanish speaking friends.
Bienvenido ElWolly,

We look forward to helping you.
Bienvenido ElWolly, please just start asking Emotion: smile and tell us more about you, are you a begginer, intermediate...or what?
Hi guys

I'm a complete beginner, just wanted to learn a new language and I really like the sound of spanish Emotion: smile
Bienvenido ElWolly,

I too just joined. But I have been living in Mexico now for 18 years and while not really fluent in Spanish I can make myself understood and understand if my listeners speak slowly. This is the main problem. It takes a long time to be able to understand a rapid speaker.

You, ELWolly, say you are a complete beginner. ¿Has tomado algunas lecciones? ¿Puedes entender este? We need to know what you want to do in Spanish, how you intend to proceed, and how we can help you. For example: Did you understand that Bienvenido means welcome? Did you understand the question Have you taken some lessons? If you didn't understand, did you at least guess the meaning from the word lecciones---lessons? Were you able to make any sense at all out of ¿Puedes entender este?--- Can you understand this? We won't be able to help you much if you don't ask. Do you know that questions in Spanish need the inverted question mark in front of the sentence?

Again. Welcome to the forum and all of us here will be happy to help you along.

Adios. jerezano.
hola! so do I!!! i am from croatia and my name is ana!
That's true I like this forum and I have a lot to read! Will also post questions soon because I am just begining to learn spanish.
Then, why don't you join us so that we know who you are every time you ask? Emotion: smile