Hi. I was hoping to find a similar site that offered help with Italian. Even though I'm relearning Spanish, my daughter wants to learn Italian. My daughter writes to a cousin of hers in Italy, (both girls are 9 years old) and some of the translations are difficult for me to write. I have the help of my mother-in-law who is Italian, but her Italian language skills come from learning it from her parents.

So, would you mind if from time to time we asked for some help with our letter writing? Thanks!

If you need help with italian just write me a mail...I'd like to help youEmotion: smile
Write to me I can help you!
AnonymousWrite to me I can help you!
Hola Laura, puedes ayudar cuando desees, muchos están deseosos de aprender italiano.

¿realmente Crom? pensé que sólo pocas personas desearan aprender al italiano; yo sería muy feliz de ayudar Emotion: smile
Amiga De Sanz¿realmente Crom? pensé que sólo pocas personas desearan aprender al italiano; yo estaría muy feliz enayudar Emotion: smile

Thanks for your offers of help in learning Italian. We'll be traveling to Italy this summer and I'd love for us all to be able to converse with relatives living there.

Ciao, NonnaEmotion: smile
Hola Nonna. Yo también soy italiana, de Nápoles. Por esto, quieres lo que te gusta y espero que puedo ayudarte, también en inglés. Hasta luego.

Hi Nonna. I'm Italian too, from Naples. For that, ask whatever u want an I hope to help u, also in English. Bye.

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