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As you might can tell from my user name I'm going to Peru ... thankfully this trip is about a year off. My husband and I have been invited to join (for a week) an archaeological expedition. I am SO excited !

Since most of the archaeologists on site are native I will be completely lost if I don't speak the language.... I did take a year of Spanish in High School .. but there was this chico with beautiful azul eyes who sat next to me and I'm afraid I paid more attention to him than I did to my teacher.

I've purchased some Spanish language workbooks and downloaded the Before You Know It lite program ... I think mostly where I need help is pronouncing words not included in the software ... does anyone know of a website that has actual mp3 type recordings?

Although the site is down today. This is very good for finding MP3 files in Spanish. What I've done is to convert many of my audio CDs to MP3 format. You may try that


Buena suerte y continúa estudiando
You can also listen or download the audio files form the book "¿Cómo se dice?" by Ana C. Jarvis here . That's called audionotas culturales.

I hope it helps

Don't worry about archaeologists, they can speak good English (at least at Pachacamac), but you need the langauge for other purposes (I mean to survive Emotion: big smile )