"Por mi isla mi compadre voy cruzando"

I've never taken any Spanish classes, but from individual word translations I get
"for my island my godfather I am crossing"
I kind of made up the "I am" part, but it makes more sense to me.

Please help!
Googling, I found out the translation "For my island my godfather I am crossing" - It was written in a blog and the person translated it word by word.

Honestly, I haven't got the slightest idea of what that sentence means..

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I think it could mean "Through my island, my mate, I'm crossing".
The person to whom the sentenced is addressed is a fellow or a buddy, who is sometimes called "compadre".
And what does he mean by "my island"? Is the island really that person's or is it a metaphor?
Unless this is a line of poetry and the original writer was trying to be literary and metaphorical in some way, the actual sentence by itself makes no sense whatsoever, not in English nor in Spanish.