Does anybody think the same?
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Escuchame a un gente francias e entonces a un gente espanol. Estan no mismo.
Does anybody think the same?

Well, being Spanish I can't think the same but I understand if speakers of a very different language mix up some other languages accents. For instance, I can't disthiguish between Korean and Vietnamese accents, just becasue I don't know them or because I never paid attention.

Escuchame a un gente francias e entonces a un gente espanol. Estan no mismo.

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Escribo de nuevo tu frase: Escucha a un francés y luego a un español. No es lo mismo.
No, I don't think so. French is more nasal and many times more difficult to pronounce.

If Spanish pronunciation is similar to any language, it would be Italian or Portuguese.
Does anybody think the same?

Well Spanish and French languages have lots of similar words, ej:

ordinateur(Fr) = ordenador (Sp) PC

papier = papel PAPER

crayon= crayón, crayola (a wax PENCIL)

bon bon = bombón (a kind of CANDY)

bon = buen (GOOD)

livre = libro (BOOK)

When I'm watching French movies I can identify many words without knowing them because they alike to Spaish words.
I think it is somewhat the same but there are differences. I play the organ and there are french words on it and I got to understand some french to play the organ to know what stop to pull out. The idea of cognates really help from spanish. Like it looks like the word that it is in english.
French pronunciation is very different from Spanish. I have taken french classes, and I'm a spanish native speaker. I can tell you that they are very different.
I would agree somewords are pronounced the same, but in general is very hard to pronounce french.
¿y porque tu hablas en inglés y no en español aquí si tu eres español?
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