I just ordered a few "Practice Makes Perfect" Spanish books.

The only problem is that it seems like they are for Spain Spanish...

I have also ordered Rosetta Stone's Latin American Spanish version.

I am wondering if it is a waste of time to use the books I ordered, or if Spain Spanish is close enough to Latin American Spanish to use them?

If not, what books can I get that would be good for learning Latin American (Peruvian) spanish?

I am teaching myself spanish and I want to have books in addition to my Rosetta Stone.

it's not such a big difference between spanish spanish and latin american spanish. Just the ending of some verbs. If you like to spend money for almost the same, do it. if not, just check out wich verbs are diffrent. The grammar is the same. And how is peruvian spanish? I am mexican, and the only difference i can get between latin american spanish (peruvian, colombian for example) and latin american spanish _(mexico, el salvador, argentina) is their accentand some specific few words, accent, and the place of the stressed syllable in some words.