My name is "CandyCotton" and I'm spanish. If you have any question, dont be afraid to ask me =) I have msn, if you want it ,send me a message =)

see you soon!
Are you the same CandyCotton from the Hip forum? O_o;;

my name is Al,a , i live in baghdad -iraq , i finsh my studay in university of baghada in college of language in departe of espanish in the year 2003 , but i cant speake spanish very well .

how i can develope my language by what ?

i can speak Arabic .

my Email

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see you
hi candy cotton im althia from jamaica i only know two languages english and sign language but i wld be interested to learn a little spanish too, so if you are willing i hope to hear from you soon.

How would you be able to help us with Spanish? Would the help consist of speaking or just sentence structure?
Hello Candycotton.

It's great to know you.

My name is "Sonya" and I am Chinese. Now I am on the first step of learning Spanish. I would like to get your support.