I haven't heard any word of Spanish yet, but i want to learn Spanish so much. Also my English may not be perfect but i trust that it would be enough to learn another language. If it is ok to help me, i will be so happy..I can also accept to learn and practice it by MSN Mesenger(etc.). Thanks for your interest.
Hi Anonymous,

The best way to start is to become a member and we can help you with any questions you may have. It is not necessary to know English to learn Spanish in this forum (that it might help a little).

You can start by looking through the posts in this beginner's section.
Hola, amigo.

¿Quieres aprender español? El español es una de las lenguas más interesantes y útiles que puedes aprender. Podrás acceder a un inmenso caudal de literatura, noticias y cultura. Ánimo. Utiliza este foro para preguntarme lo que quieras; intentaré ayudarte.

Te escribo en español porque la mejor manera de aprenderlo es sumergerte en él desde el primer momento.


Juan Antonio (SPAIN)

(The same text, in English; because I imagine you can have problems to understand the top one).

Hello, friend.

Do you want to learn Spanish? Spanish is one of the most interesting and useful languages you can learn. You can access to a pretty big number of literature, news and culture. Let's go¡ Use this forum to ask me all you want to know; I'll try to help you.

I write you in spanish because the best way to learn it is to sink from the very first moment.