Okay, forgive my post being in english, but I don't really know any Spanish save for "Como va tú?" and "Hoy te amo" >.>

Well, my problem is as follows, I can learn pretty fast, however key to learning fast for me is interactivity; preferably with people.
I guess my question comes down to wether there is a place where I can chat with tutors or something; ofcourse one of the reasons for me posting this online is that I completely lack funds to pay for an actual course ¬.¬;

Does any of you know where I could find people interested in doing this?
I apologise if this post was inappropriate in this section of the forums.

The Aephion
Sorry about my last post being anonymous, I could've sworn I was logged in. Anyway, this one is signed, no?
Hi Aephion and welcome here Emotion: smile

Actually I don't know anything about what you're asking, I guess that you can try to learn something basic here, you can make friends in this way (and you can exchange mail address and IM with them) and I'm sure some native speakers can help you a lot!

Feel free to ask all the questions you want in the beginner's section Emotion: wink
Hi Aephion welcome to this forum.Interaction is definitely important but you have to learn the basics to interact.
I know Emotion: smile
Well, as said, I'm quite eager to learn spanish, so that ofcourse includes the basics; are there any pointers as to what I should begin to learn in order to at least start a basic conversation? From there I think I could learn a lot just through interaction Emotion: smile
To the thread creator: I would suggest you take time out to review grammar, vocabulary, and other aspects of the Spanish language delving into the conversational part of the language. Once you go farther into the language from a literary prespective, then you may be able to watch videos, recordings, etc.

I learned something interesting through the years I studied Japanese: There's another Internet. As in, there's a Japanese part of the Internet. Sure enough, there's a Spanish part, too. Keep working on the basics and you'll be able to access the Spanish part of the Internet. I like to get to the other languages by using google.

http://www.google.com/intl/es /

Don't forget to type in Spanish.

To others:

I've recently taken a liking to the Englishforums.com and other language boards provided.

How about creating a section of the website for people to be contacted if they wish to speak in a language.
Maybe that wasn't worded the best.

What's the possibility that forodeespanol.com can create a database of people who want to speak in a language. This database would allow a person to submit his or her skype screenname (I seriously prefer skype to other forms of Internet p2p talking programs). Afterwards, the name would be listed on a list of people who would like to talk to others in a particular language. There would be a constant regulation system, though. To make sure people on the list stay active, you could have it organized by logins. If someone recently logged in, then show the most recently logged in person. This shows that the person is still active in the community. Skype has its own abilities for finding out if someone is on, but this way, people will know who is online and an active participant.

I apologize if this isn't easily understood. I've been studying psychology for 12 hours, and my brain is tired.
Hi Ghost, bienvenido.
We have a section in this forum called Make Friends, there, people who want to talk with native speakers can do this, they just need to contact each other privately and look for the best way to communicate. Of course Skype is a useful tool, but we only provide the initial contact, what the users do after this it's up to them.