How do you pronounce Che Guevara?

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Che Guevara is pronounced Chay (the ch as in cherry) Gay VAH rah. A variation would be Cheh (as the first sylable in cherry) Geh VAH rah.

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Che Guevara is pronounced CHE GUEVARA, is pretty straight forward.

I always thought it was Chee-Gweh-Varr-Ah...
Dmacdonald95I always thought it was Chee-Gweh-Varr-Ah...
Not at all!

Güe would be Gweh

Varra would be Varr

I'm not sure what you mean by "Chee", i.e. if the sound is like in "bee", or "gee". If you mean this, in Spanish it would be "Chi Guevara".


You have two possibilites:

I think I pronounce the second one.

GUEVARA is Pronounced as you would pronounce the gue in GUESS
well. i would say...

ché like "che"rry like someone else said before

gue like "get" but the T muted

va like "Va" lley

ra like more detailed info: just like when you say "rat" but, "T" muted and the R isn't so pronounced, it's an R but with the tongue's edge

after a few hours i remember another way to sound the "ra": just like ca"ra"bine

maybe this way (now that i think it about) it's a bit more difficult but, please try and tell me how it was my first try

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its pronounciation goes like this..

shee goo-ae-veeru

bond.. james bond!!
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