We are interested in any comments that you may have to help us improve our Spanish Forum.
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Dado que habrá muchos angloparlantes aprendiendo español sugiero que este sea un sitio bilingüe español <> inglés, y que el visitante pueda escoger el idioma en que desea visualizar la página, además sería útil incluir una sección para ayudar traducir palabras, u oraciones cortas de inglés a español y viceversa.

Saludos desde México.Emotion: big smile
Justo estoy en eso de hacer el foro más bilingúe. Verás unos cambios durante las próximas semanas.
I know zero Spanish, where do I start? What's the most likely stuff I'd need to know etc when travelling to a Spanish speaking country - coffee shops spring to mind, and bars!

Hi, we have created a section for Absolute beginners. There is no problem if you use English in this forum since we know it can be frustrating at times not being able to express yourself in another language.

As you advance, you might want to practise your Spanish since that's when you discover what you need and don't need. The choice is ypurs.

I hope you enjoy our site.
I wanna tell you something about avatars, due to there's no any option to upload our own avatars I suggest that you administradors or moderatos create an avatars gallery of flags and other characteres(cartoons, animals, etc.), in that way everything will be controlled and nobody will abuse.
Woodward ChileWe are interested in any comments that you may have to help us improve our Spanish Forum.

Could we have a page which shows members the latest posts in the last 24 hours/ 48 hours/ etc....? So that we can get the up-to-date news?
In each section there is a button that says OPTION below all the threads that you can see in that section. You can find that button on the left at the bottom of the page

There you can change all of those factors which include:

Newer than one day, newer than 2 days, 3days, one week, two weeks etc.

There are more options too.
Oh I see!

Puedo usar la opción ahora!
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