What do I do with translate tab?
It's very simple, you enter the ext you wish to translate into the window and then choose the language you want to translate to.
For example, If you want to translate "My fish has no car" into Spanish, then enter that into the window and choose English to Spanish.
It's not 100% so you'll need to try and figure out certain things on your own.
What I find it best for is translating single words or for translating articles so you can the general idea.
Hope that helps!
Can we have image buttons to clic on instead of selecting the option from the menu and then clicking the "Translate this!" button? (BTW only the word "Translate" should be capitalised not the "t" of "This").
We can't alter the translate tool because it is an embedded version of Google's technology.
Sorry I cant be of more help.
- Peter