How do YOU answer the phone? Being German, I just say my last name Emotion: wink
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-¿Sí, dígame?
-¿Sí, diga?
..y cuando ya sabes quién te está llamando:


Emotion: smile
Being Italian I say: "Pronto?" Emotion: smile
And, what does "pronto" mean? Emotion: surprise
It's like"I'm ready"
lOl - Like "I'm ready to listen to you"? Emotion: stick out tongue
Golondrina Being Italian I say: "Pronto?"
I think there are lot of similarities bwtween Italian and Spanish .In Spanish pronto means prompt, speedy

una pronta respuesta, a prompt reply
Yep Pucca, the habit comes from the early time of the telephony when it was a switchboard operators' job to connect 2 persons who wanted to speak through a telephone.
So the operator said "pronto" to let the 2 persons know that the line was "ready" to be used...and I guess the 2 persons answered "pronto" as well to say to the operator that they were "ready" to speak!
Right Jhumka, they are very similar Emotion: smile
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