Hola, people!

This is me! Nice to meet you all.

I must confess I don't know Spanish pretty well (maybe it's better to say I don't know it at all Emotion: stick out tongue), so please forgive my writing in Eng... at least for these first days I am around. In fact, I don't think I'll start learning it right away in any case, but just wanted to join the forum. Emotion: wink

Punky, Fran... HELLO! Emotion: big smile
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Hola, I can't see any picture. Yo no veo ninguna foto. Emotion: big smile
Hola gata (cat, but a female one) desde Russia y bienvenida al foro Emotion: big smile

I appreciate you first step in joining the forum...learning Spanish will come itself later, just being around here! (Ok, I'm around here for so long and still don't know how to write a good Spanish, but my comprehension in writing has improved a lot Emotion: wink )

Have fun!

(where's the pic? Emotion: stick out tongue)
¡Hola Rus...Ruscat Emotion: big smile Bienvenida!

Well that should be understandable even though you do not know much yet. Hehe.
Hola Ruscat
Bienvenda aquí, welcome here

приветствую Emotion: stick out tongue

¿Dónde está la foto? where is the foto?
Thanks for dropping a line here, guys! Emotion: big smile

Hey, that's pretty interesting to read a Spanish phrase, to try to get its meaning, and then to see an English translation beside realizing whether you understood the Spanish one right or not. Emotion: smile

From reliable sources it has been ascertained that the pic hasn't been attached owing to a bug. So this is not my fault, sorry. Emotion: stick out tongue Actually, when I am at home (now I'm at work), I am going to upload my pic to a gallery that a member of this site can make. Jhumka, glad to see you know some Russian. Emotion: big smile

By the way, I hope "Russia" shall be written with one "s"-letter in Spanish, shan't it? Emotion: embarrassed
yep Cat, you got it right: it's Rusia with 1 's', I was wrong, I wrote it in the English (and also Italian) way Emotion: stick out tongue
...don't confuse me anymore. Emotion: stick out tongue
Ok I won't Emotion: tongue tied Emotion: stick out tongue
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