sorry to say this, but the way this forum works, sucks.
i mean, it's so uncomfortable. i try to open e new topic, and it takes me back to the previous page.
i try to quote, once the quotation appears, it disappears again...
plus, i've got this problem with the spanish codes for example á
and when i type the code, suddenly the size of MY TEXT HERE, becomes smaller,
when i type another code, the size becomes bigger.....
or when i try to paste something here, the other sentences disappear.

what's going on?
Hello Elidicious,

I've let the Admins know about the problem, they will take care of the matter as soon as they can!
Ok. thank you.
Hi Eli!
Please let us know what browser you are using so I can do some testing. Have you tried using any other browsers such as Firefox as these issues should definitely not be happening there.

The spanish letters can be added with the "advanced editor" which you should automatically have activated. If not, you can change it by editing your profile. Then you will see that there is a button next to the smilies which inserts the letters.

It all sounds very strange so I hope I can help more after knowing what system and browser you're using.
Thanks, PB
currently i'm using firefox.
but i don't have the same problem with the english forum which has the same BOARD system or layout or whatever you call it.
so i guess there should be something wrong with the forum codes Emotion: smile
Thanks for the feedback, we'll look into it.
In the mean time, does inserting the letter via the editor work for you?
yes it works.