I am considering to buy Rosetta Stone to learn spanish. I have noticed that the program consists of Spanish(Spain) and Spanish(Latin America). So, my question is which one should i choose between the two and why? By the way, i have very little knowledge of the language and its origin. I am studying Spanish because it may help me in my management career later, but i don't have any tutors near i live. So, any help will be welcomed.

Thanks in advance...
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Hola Alok, bienvenido.
I wouldn't worry, it will not make much difference if you choose one or the other.
Any further questions you have related to the language we can answer them here.
Thanks Latin, i appreciate the prompt reply. I will start to learn Spanish as from today itself.
AlokThanks Latin, i appreciate the prompt reply. I will start to learn Spanish as from today itself.
I personally think Rosetta Stone is a complete gimmick. When I was studying Japanese with a few others, we looked into Rosetta Stone. We decided it didn't give enough basics: grammar, vocabulary, linguistics, etc.


You would be better of buying a college Spanish book.

Rosetta Stone is an overpriced gimmick. Period.
Not good reviews. Pesonally, I don't like the computer software. I've learned a lot form using a varity of things. Revistas, libros, CDs, TV en español, radio en epañol, éste foro y más. You have to just make it a point to envolve yourself in it everyday. I would learn the spanish that you would get the most use out of. I like to learn the regional expressions. Being that I go to Mexico often, I like to pick up their sayings. ¡Pero no sé jerga!

¡Hasta pronto y buenas suerte!
Hi Alok,Welcome to this forum
I think you should learn Spanish of Spain because when we were taught Spanish it was told that Castellian Spanish is the standard Spanish .There are few basic differences between Latin American Spanish and Castellian which you may learn afterwards. It seems from your name that you are from India .There are some books "learn Spanish within six months or three months etc"which are available in Book stores ,from which you may learn the alphabets and get some basic tips of learning Spanish .Wish you good luck .
Welcome, Alok.

There's nothing better than people teaching people.

This forums aims at helping people who learn Spanish.

There is a noticable difference: in latin america second person of plural is ommited. For example: they never say "vosotros"
It isn't ommited anonymous, it changes to 'ustedes'.
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