how do you say this phrase in spanish:

I hope your having a sweet summer!
"Espero que estés disfrutando de tu verano"

There are many ways of translating a sentence, this one is the one I would use! Emotion: smile
"Espero que usted tenga un verano dulce!"

That is one of the many ways to translate your sentence.
the only problem is that dulce isnt used in Spanish as sweet is in English sometimes to mean awesome, great, or cool.

"Espero que estés pasando el verano bárbaro, chévere, chido, bacano, guay, de puta madre" etc...
I'm from Spain and I would transale it like:" Espero que estés pasando un buen verano!
How might you ask,

Can we work for you for a few days for food and shelter?

could this work?

¿Puedo trabajemos unos días de los alimentos?

Thanks. I saw that you had a good reply

¿Podríamos trabajar para usted por unos días en retorno por hospedaje?