Back after a long time! This site looks great!

Has anyone seen this movie? It's got great ratings on IMDB and I enjoy foreign cinema.

Welcome back, Kevman! Emotion: smile

Did you enjoy the movie?
Hehe no, I wanted to see if anyone has got some reviews about it before I make my way out to borrow the DVD Emotion: smile
To tell you the truth, if that is the trailer, I do NOT like it!
Hola Kevman!

Yo he visto esta pelicula, I thinks it's one of Almodovar's greatest movies. Well most of his works are glorified by critiques, but anyway, it's a good one.

I'd say it's one of his "softest" movies. Have you seen it yet?

Almodovar often treats very cotnroversial topics, tabous even. This one does too, but in a softer manner.

No sé qué tipo de cine te gusta, pero este es cine de calidad, por cierto!

It's not an action movie though, more psychological.

And Almodovar is one of the greatest Spanish movie makers. A more action syle movie of his is La Malaeducacion. But it's much rougher too...

Let us know how you liked it!


Pucca, this is not the trailer! Emotion: stick out tongue That's a modern dance show that the characters attend in the first scene.