Gustar is a tough one for me...

"nos le gusta" o "nos gustarle"

when referring to one object that is liked by two people, myself included?
Verbo gustar

I like that apple.
Me gusta esa manzana.
You like the cinema. Te gusta el cine.
He/she likes walking/ to walk. Le gusta caminar.
We like dancing/ to dance. Nos gusta bailar.
You all like surfing the Internet. Os gusta navegar en Internet. (solo en España)
They like my sister. Les gusta mi hermana.

You can also say "A mí me (a ti te, a él/ella le, a nosotros nos, a ellos/ustedes les) gusta esa manzana" but it is only used to emphasize the person.

When the object of gustar is plural (for example, manzanas) we don't say gusta, we have to say gustan.
Te gusta esa chica rubia.
Me gustan las chicas altas.
Hi Estacia.

That is something that always caused me a lot of problems at the beginning too (and not just at the beginning, for quite a while).
you should say " no nos gusta " it means two people do not like it including youself

if you like one object including some other people you should say "nos gusta " example: nos gusta la pelicula (we like the movie) is the same thing in past tense we liked the movie (nos gusto la pelicula)