Hello Grom,

I am the user cy1421, Giorgos from Cyprus. I cannot login to the forum. I get a message saying that my account has not been approved and that I need an invitation etc. What happened? I did do activation. There was a problem with the site the other day, was the server down? It was after that event that I could not login. Today I tried to make a new user account as cy1422. Again I cannot procced. Can you please fix the problem?


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Hello Anon,

I am not Crom but hope I can help you. The server was down for a couple of hours the other day - Anyway, try deleting the coockies and the temporal files then, copy and paste the password you got with the e-mail, if you keep having problems, let us know, please.

Good luck!
Hello again and thanks for the care but it was impossible to connect.
I kept getting the message

The username and/or password cannot be validated, or your account is locked out or has not been approved yet

I asked for a new password which the system sent me. But when I try to login I get the message:
New users are allowed to be created by invitation only. The invitation key was missing or is currently invalid.
Really dont know how to continue.

Hay problemas en la creación de un nuevo usuario.
Dunno why, but when clicking on the activation link, the confirmation message doesn't appear on the information page.
I know there are problems because I tried to create a use, and I got the same messages Giorgos got.
Let me tell the admins.
I think there is in fact a problem with the login system, I'll be looking into it imediately.. ANY more details (links, copies of emails) would be appreciated.. You can send them to me via PM..
Crom, when you tested did you first log out as Crom? Also, can you send me the email you got via my email (on my profile)
Hi !

I got the same problem. I was sent an invitation but when I want to activate my account , appears an invalid message. Could you please help me? Thanks!
We're working on this now, but if you send us your username we can manually approve them for now!
ok, it's fixed, and we've approved all the users manually...
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