Im sorry I cant write this is Spanish yet. Im about to book a course in Spain and Im hoping for a little advice. Im kinda torn between 2 cities - Malaga and Valencia. In Malaga Id be going to a school called Escuela Mediterraneo and in Valencia to AIP Instituto. Anybody have experience of the cities or the schools. Or in fact the organisation Im booking with - Estudia Espana? These guys are charging me 85 - 100 Euros (!) less than if I book my 6 week course directly with the schools.

Would be very grateful for any info. Thanks... And hopefully after Spain I'll come back and write this in Spanish! Emotion: smile
Hello miguel_san, welcome to the FDE.

Here I am presenting a link to the website of a Spanish school in Cadiz (the region of Andalucia) which one offers Spanish language courses and accommodation as well.
Perhaps you will find this interesting:

Regards / Saludos
Hi Kasia.

Unfortunately I dont want to go to Cadiz. I looked at the page and the English version is not very good. Anyway, Ive decided to go with Estudia Espana. They have helped me alot and Im saving 85 Euros by booking with them. Thats quite alot of cash for a poor student like me Emotion: smile Im going to Malaga.... Emotion: smile