I'm still very new at this, so i'm playing around with some little games here to try recognizing and remembering different words and phrases.

http://www.myhq.com/public/v/a/vanderwerken /

But I've run into something that puzzles me. In one of the weather games it gives a list of terms. Here are 4 and my question.

hace mucho frío = it's freezing

es diez grados = it's ten degrees

está nublado = it's cloudy

hay neblina = it's foggy

In all 4 is a different word for it's. Why is this? TIA
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They are idioms so don't try translated them literally.

In Mexico is said:

it's then degrees / estamos a diez grados
But the second example it's incorrect. We don't say 'es x grados'. In my country we say 'hay x grados', but some grammarians say that the correct form is 'hace x grados'.
It's (no pun intended) disputed whether the "it" in this type statement in English has any meaning. So as he said, don't try to translate it directly, because the "it's" here is itself idiomatic to some degree.

I finally have some free time and have been looking through this section. The site you've posted is a great learning tool. I'll be able to use this one with my sixth graders. Thanks a lot for sharing it with everyone!

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Hola........this will be a double post as I wasn't signed in, so I'll rewrite and send.

I'm just finding the time to go through all the posts in this section. The site you posted will be very helpful as I can use it with my sixth graders! It looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing it with everyone!

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Great Site. I understand you are teacher right? have you check www.colorincolorado.org. it is part of www.readingrockets.com it is all in bilingual I find it very useful.

Ojala y tus alumnos aprendan y aprecien el Castellano.


Thanks for sharing this site. It's filled with so much reading information/resouce/video.

I've been using this a lot (did you check the free guides to print!). If you are interested I have a list of web sites with bilingual stuff for children/parents/teachers. It will take time for me to type them all, but I can do a few at the time.
Let me know.

And please correct all my grammar mistakes as I'll do with yours. ok?

Many thanks

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