Hello friends!

We've just updated FDE to Version 6.0!
Most of the stuff we've changed won't be visible to you because we didn't make many very obvious design changes, but the code... oh the code is beautiful now Emotion: geeked

But I did want to point out some new and improved things.

1. Our search system works like a charm now!
2. We have a new "holiday mode" which you can set if in your profile if you decide to go away for a while and would like to let your friends know.
3. Ratings! Oh yes, you can now rate everything [Y] You decide on the quality of FDE now, rate something that you like UP, rate something that you don't like DOWN.
4. We've cleaned up the Shortcuts so now you can view discussions/questions with no replies.

And lots of small other things, not to mention that we've cleared out nearly 200 bugs. We've tried to clean the site up so browsing is quick, fun and comfortable. We will update the FAQ's shortly.

All Emails should be working now, we suspect that you might not have been receiving all of them! Let us know if you are not receiving any Emails that you think you should (Profile notifications, friend request, picture comments, or if someone replied to your thread etc). All these settings can be changed in your profile.

If you come across any problems let us know! Please always mention which browser you are using so that we can test.
For your info, we are mostly optimised for Firefox.

I haven't had the chance to see much of it yet - But I LOVE the "...you may also 'highlight' a part of the text and press 'Quote' "!
That option was always there but not obvious, so we decided to make it obvious and add some text to explain the functionality Emotion: smile

We've also added some more Shortcuts to the Forum page:

And make sure to check the different options when you click Change View at the top: