Well, even though you are still baking the cake..I'll sing a song but don't complain about my voice, I have a cold! [8][8]

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I wonder when you will see this, LOL! Emotion: smile
Oh my oh my Emotion: embarrassed That's so sweet! I can't believe I missed this, thanks Pucca and I hope you had a nice bday too? [<:o)]
Emotion: surprise Pucca tambien? de eso no dice nada eh? Emotion: stick out tongue ( No es que yo lo hiciera [A] )

Felicidades a las dos[<:o)] ...un poco atrasada Emotion: stick out tongue
yay! Happy birthday to both of you!

Feliz cumpleaños al ustedes dos
robertFeliz cumpleaños al a ustedes dos.
Another possibility: Feliz cumpleaños a las dos.
As far as I understand, it was only Punqui's birthday (she wished a good day to Pucca), so Happy delayed birthday to you!
Hasta donde entiendo, solo fue el cumpleaños de Punqui (ella deseó un buen día a Pucca), conque ¡Feliz cumpleaños atrasado!
Un detallito: la palabra feliz no lleva tilde, porque es aguda y termina en "z".

Hey Crom, I appreciate that you gave me the English translation as well! It helps me alot.Emotion: smile

Aprecio que me dio la traducción en Ingles tambíen. ¡Lo me ayuda!
Punky, not so good, as espected..Emotion: sad
Crom as far as I know "Bday" is an abbreviation for birthday why it sounds to me like it was Puccas birthday for not so long ago either. Emotion: thinking so I thought I'd congratulate her as well if that's the case. Emotion: smile

Ouugh Pucca Emotion: sad
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