How do you translate this expression in Spanish?

Example: "He should have been at home..."

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El debería haber estado en casa.
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The traslation is: debería haber estado en casa

it refers to the past ayer, en aquel momento, el sábado pasado, etc

if you want to refer to the present you must use "debería estar en casa" (ahora,

en este momento = he should be).

AIXA, from Spain
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So I can leave the "el" away from the beginning of the sencence? Since "estado" is implying it's a male?
you can leave out "el" (that is, él - personal pronoun) if it's understood from the context.

but, "estado" is, let's say, a participle that doesn't have gender. so, "estadA" doesn't exist.

ej. Deberías haber estado

debería haber estado

deberían haber estado

O sea, no cambia.
You can leave "él", (nosotros, vosotros, etc) away, because in Spanish you can know the subject by the end of the verb, so if you say cantamos you know it's nosotros, cantáis is vosotros, etc. The only "problem" could be él / ella canta o ustedes / ellos cantan, but you can find out from the context

estado is a participle beacause it goes with haber, so it's invariable; but when it goes with a noun it can perform as an adjective (fem. or masc.) :

ex: He torcido la barra ---- Me ha dado la barra torcida

He torcido el alambre ----- Me ha dado el alambre torcido

if participle goes wtih estar you must indicate male or female too:

La barra está torcida ----- El alambre está torcido

*** some participles change to be an adjective

ex. limpiar: he limpiado la copa --- la copa está limpia --- la copa limpia

*** estado cannot be an adjective (never) you cannot say "la casa estada es de Mary", it's wrong (you should say "la casa en la que he estado es de Mary")

you cannot either say Mary / ella ha estada

I hope you understand, if you prefer I can write in Spanish
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