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si, pero es diffícl para mí, vivo en HK y ninguna habla espanol aqui. escucho y leo el libro pero no pratica hablar.
La verdad es que no sé cómo puedes practicar tu castellano. ¿No tienes ninguna academia cerca?

no pratico con castellano, solo pratico con mi profesora en la clase pero muchos compañeros hablan con ella.
¡Únete a esos compañeros! Emotion: wink

Yo te puedo ayudar con todo menos con lo de hablar, ¡lo siento! (Bueno, puedo intentar explicar cómo se pronuncian las palabras Emotion: smile )
Yo no puedo pronunciacion en Perro, Burro, algo mas palabras con rr no puedo hablar.

y tambien regular, reunion, reir estos palabras con re

tengo mucha problema en pronunciacion
Mamamia....there is a web site you might find helpful. I just discovered it myself but have not had much time to search through it. Here's the web address:

This offers a one to one learning possibility. Not sure about any audio that may be available.

Hope this was a help.

Mamamia....I've got another web site you might be interested in as it does give audio pronunciation in a learning/self check type of study. It also offers IM's, video, and audio.

Wayne State university has an excellent free download of a supernovela called "Destinos". It is wonderful. Just google the word "Destinos". If you can't find it let me know
Hello dear Maggie,

You could check this home page that is focus for Japanese but even that, you can learn simple Spanish!

I hope you'll enjoy it! I do!!!
Kindly regards.
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