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but I need someone can speak slowly and short sentence will be better, just like teaching children even I'm not.

You might want to buy a cassette or CD for that, Mamamia! Emotion: smile

If I find any, I will let you know.

Would you like slow songs? They are pretty easy to understand! / aqui se hallan conversaciones muy faciles ;]
Hola Pucca,

Please let me know any good CD, as at home I don't have any cassette player, thanks.

Yes, please advise me some slow songs...........I know some just like quizas, te quiro dijite, besame much o cuando me enamoraro..........please tell me more about music, as I like music very much, thanks

All Alex Ubago's songs are pretty easy to understand!;)
yes, I have and especially Qué pides tu ?
¿Qué me dices de la canción "Aunque No Te Pueda Ver "?:) (Está en el disco de "Fantasía o Realidad")

¿Por qué no intentas escribir lo que dice? (¡Sin trampas!)

mi espanol es muy mal, te dije que la cancion de Alex Ubago, llama ? Que pides tu ? y no entiendo la fase de Aunque no te pueda ver ?

Can u translate for me ?

"Aunque no te pueda ver" significa "Even if I can't see you".

Escuchala varias veces y luego intenta escribir lo que dice, ¿Te animas? Emotion: smile

P.S: Your Spanish isn't bad! Emotion: wink
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