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MARTINA exists!!! ( at least in Argentina!!) not with Y though...

in fact, my niece is called Martina!! she is a year and a half...

i think it s a very sweet name...

oh, what a nice post.. Lo más amable para mí en este foro... Emotion: smile
AnonymousTJ in spanish or melanie in spanish

Me viene a la mente "Melina" pero la verdad no estoy seguro si es el equivalente de "Melanie".
yes my friends... Melina is Melanie !!! It´s very popular the name Melina between teenage girls nowadays...

see ya all...

Hey Musia Musia! or shalll i say Martyna? it reminds me of that famous tennis player... Martina Navratilova...

anyways...one question, i am just curious, u dont have to answer if u dont want to.. but.. whats the meaning of the sentences with which you sign your posts??

Que tengas un lindo fin de semana!!!

nos vemos!

Aqui en Argentina Franco es un nombre bastante común.

Mi nombre es Ingrid, y creo que no tiene traducción alguna en otro idioma. Es un nombre Suizo-Alemán


P.S.: Qué bonitos nombres se ven por aquí! Emotion: wink
esto es la letra de canción polaca de mi artista favorito - Jacek Kaczmarski. Pero es importante que el texto es basado en la canción catalán.

Esto es de Wikipedia:

Mury (Walls) was a sung poetry protest song written by Polish singer Jacek Kaczmarski in 1978. In People's Republic of Poland, in the early eighties of 20th century it became a symbol of the opposition to the communist regime. It became popular among the workers of Solidarity (NSZZ Solidarność) and is one of Kaczmarski's best known songs.

Mury, when written by Kaczmarski in 1978, was inspired by the contemporary events in Catalonia and particularly by the song L'Estaca by the Catalan poet Lluís Llach. In this song-poem Kaczmarski's intention was primarily to note how a song or poem can cease to become a 'property' of the author and is 'stolen' by the masses, who may adapt it to their causes even if it was not the author's intention in the first place. In this context, the song can also be interpreted as a praise the Catalonian struggle for independence but also as of an important of the artist and a critique certain aspects of mass social movements.[1]

Lyrics (from my sign):

Pull the bars from the walls!

Loose the chains, break the whip!

And the walls will fall, fall fall!

And will bury the old world!
Please can you help. I need the following names translated into Spanish or a close equivelent. I need for tomorrow if possible. My email is [removed by mods, please register and add your e-mail address to your profile]Connor Emotion: boy

Ethan Emotion: boy

Evann (girl)

Griffin Emotion: boy

Kaitlyn (girl)

Mackenzie (girl)

Thank you

Maybe Catalina = Kaitlyn.
Pero el resto???
Suerte - good luck!
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