Hi everyone,

I am learning spanish but I want to also teach my children in spanish and don't know how to do it. I am afraid I might do more damage than good. I have a 3 and 11 month old. I was wondering if it is possible for me to implement it in my day although I would not be able to talk fluently with them.

The things I think of is teaching them spanish vocabulary...like the parts of the body, things we wear, ect...

Along with little phrases as dame un beso, cubra la boca, dame la mano, cerra la puerta, abra la puerta, ect... in hopes that they will catch a little bit.

Then I can play spanish children songs and I try to watch one spanish soap a day(although I am going to ask something about that also in a next thread) attend a spanish church once a month.

But even though I plan on doing all of this it still doesn't seem like much exposure. I feel like it is just not going to work most of the time.

I guess I am just looking for some advice and support for me and them.
I know there are people who hire a Latina au-pair or nanny, so if you want them to catch some Spanish, she will help u.

Another thing to do is watching not a soap opera, but cartoons for children in Spanish like Pocoyó or Curious George (Jorge el Curioso), my boy likes it and has learnt lot of words by watching them (esp. the latter one). Of course, you've got to be with them so you can guide 'em (buying a dvd with Spanish subtitles will help you understand some vocabulary by sutuations).

Good luck and tell us your experience!
I am thinking of hiring a mommy helper but I will only be able to afford about 8-10 hours a week so not sure if I can find someone for that but I'll try.
I am a Colombian who loves in the U.S. and married to an English speaking husband. It has been a challenge but I can tell you it is possible to teach them a second language. Make sure your partner approves and supports learning Spanish so you can be "in charge" of teaching it.

The best is immersion, you are PR are you incontact with any of your family memebrs? Plan a trip back to Puerto Rico. Start teching culture along with language, this will allow him to love his heritage and be more enticed to learn.

Read, read, read to him. SAtart with simple books like board books and as they progress change to more advanced ones. At least twice a day.

Use basic vocabulary words in your daily life. Know the words you will be using during breakfast for example and use them while serving the foods. Play guessing games after you introduce your children to the basic words.

See if you can afford at least one class per week of Spanish so you can reinforce at home what they learn. I agree with the previous post TV in Spanish onlky helps a lot!

For more culture info and spanish learning tips/bilingualism I go here:

I hope it helps,
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I was going to suggest buying a language learning software but I guess your kids are too young for that. I agree with the other post, hiring a nanny and having them watch Spanish cartoons would benefit them a lot. And you can surely use some Spanish words and phrases with them even tough you yourself is not that fluent yet. Don't worry about not enough exposure. A kid's brain is like a sponge, it can absorb a lot of information in a snap, so you can be sure that your kids will absorb whatever you teach them.
Finding little Spanish speaking environments (like a church or friends with spanish speaking households) for yourself and your children is an excellent idea.

I learned Spanish by being in a city where no one spoke English. Every morning I would get up, go down to the local panadería, have a coffee, and read the paper. That was the first step.

The key is to THINK in the language you want to learn. Constantly being in "translation" mode will really tire you out.

Suggestions- Create a user account on your computer and set it to Spanish language. Set the Homepage to Yahoo.es or something like that. Then fill in the Favorites with Spanish news, Spanish Youtube, (Youtube.es) and whatever else interests you. Create documents in spanish to practice your writing skills.

Youtube.es has lots of channels where you can watch news from Madrid & Barcelona, variety shows, sports, as well as all the interesting people with their own channels.

Here's a funny clip from rtve-

As soon as you feel tired, STOP. As time goes by, you will be able to stay in "spanish brain" for longer and longer periods.

Hope this helps, and have fun
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What you did sounds amazing!!! I would love to be able to that so that I can improve my English Emotion: big smile