Emiliano Zapata, with his men following closely behind, rode into la ciudad Mejico on ‘Friday’. Se alojaron en la Villa de Don Juaréz 3 noches seguidas. Zapata salió sigilosamente al despuntar el alba also on ‘Friday’ para reunirse con Pancho Villa.

Can you explain how this could possibly happen? I mean, arriving on Friday, and 3 nights later, leaving also on Friday, unless of course...

ojo: This puzzle may sound a bit “kid stuff” but just the same it is fun working out the answer. Can you?

I think the clue is in the sentence but my spanish is not too stong to sove the riddle Emotion: embarrassed
Ha, ha, ha, ha..you're right, exlMark. The riddle is kidstuff! Imagine, it was my 12 year old daughter who suggested a possible answer to your questiont! ZAPATA RODE INTO TOWN ON HIS HORSE NAMED FRIDAY!..Ha, ha, ha, ha!

I hope she is right.


Then, congratulations to your daughter. She made just the right suggestion! [Y] Well, this goes to prove only one thing, Igor. And that is that: TODAY’S KIDS ARE A LOT SMARTER THAN THEIR DADS!! Are’nt they?



Jhunka, thanx for responding to the post. Sorry about the missing English “version”. Slipped my mind.