Last year I was in Germany to visit an old friend of the family’s, Herr Adolf Heidler and his wife, the petite Frau Eva Brown-Heidler. Herr Heidler used to be the youngest member of the Führer’s Stormtroopers. He was a one time detainee at the Spandau prison with some of the other Nazis.

Anyway, before I left for home the old man gifted me with an expensive 5-volume encyclopedia beautifully and lavishly printed by Heidelberg Ltd. Co., Inc. S.A.

Each volume contained 1,000 sequentially numbered pages, printed on top-grade coated printing paper, #80 lbs. The thickness of each page is caliper 0.05. The front and back covers are clothbound, exactly 0.25 centimeters thick.

As soon as I got home, I carefully mounted them up in the customary sequence and orientation on the topmost rung of the bookshelves of my modest library. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me was the presence of a bookworm, a long-time resident actually of my library, and by that time had long been inhabiting the topmost shelf… exactly where I had just installed the five books. Presumably, this said bookworm didn’t waste any time in doing its thing.

And so, all my five expensive volumes soon fell mute and hapless victims to this paper-addicted chewing machine of a bug!.

Ahora bien, dejenme hablarles un poco sobre este ratón de biblioteca. Este bicho tiene un apetito desmedido por paginas de alta calidad como las de mi enciclopedia. Es más, el bicho este observa con sumo rigor ciertos hábitos de dieta muy inusual y sumamente estrambótico (bizarre) como por ejemplo:

1 — Come atravesando las paginas de manera recta y de sentido único, es decir, de una sola


2 — Come empezando desde la pagina 1 a la ultima pagina de cada tomo y nunca al revés.

3 — Siempre devora primero la pagina 1 del primer tomo.

Pregunta: ¿Cuántas paginas numeradas de aquellos 5 tomos consiguió carcomer el bicho?


ojo: Don’t let the anecdotal character of this puzzle deviate your attention from the essential

elements that will lead you to the easy solution of this “braintwister”.

Bueno, con vuestro permiso, yo mismo voy a decir algo sobre el puzzle dado arriba: Segun mi propio análisis, el bicho hubiera carcomido no !

•—Si estáis de acuerdo, por qué?

•—Si no, por qué no?

Oooops! something got lost in the transmission!

Here's the full text: el bicho hubiera carcomido no más qué un total de 9 paginas de los 5 tomos! :M