Can anyone explain to me the distinction between the Indefinido Preterito and the Imperfecto while in use in the different parts of the world where the language is spoken?

When would a Spaniard use the Preterito instead of the Imperfecto while a Latin American would not?

I hope you know what I'm talking about.

Thanks for your answers already.
The problem is generally between "Pretérito Perfecto" y "Pretérito Indefinido".

In Spain, it's generally used the "Pretérito Indefinido" more often than in Latin American countries.

As a general rule, (not exact) you can use this one:

- When the action happened yesterday, or before, you should use the "Indefinido" (fui, estuve, me levanté, corrí).

- When the action happened today, you should use the "Imperfecto" (he estado, he ido, me he levantado, he corrido).

In Spain, people of Galicia and often of Madrid, trends to use "Indefinido" in actions happened today: ("Esta mañana ha llovido mucho" vs. "Esta mañana llovió mucho" (Galicia).

There is a better suggestion, but a little complicated for people not having experience in speaking spanish, here: