I am doing A level AQA Spanish, and struggling to come up with titles and specific topics for my coursework. I thought maybe something to do with the pais vasco or ETA, but dont really know where to go from there, need more specifics!

Any help appreciated,

Hello Emotion: smile

Do you mean that you need information or you don't know how to write it?

Sorry, my English level is pretty low!

I just need ideas on the content to go in it, what to base my coursework around.
When was the group created, its principes, who they are, who they were, what they are fighting for, what they fought for..ETA has changed pretty much since the group was created.
I am also studying spanish A level, for my spoken exam last year i discussed whether the Pais Vasco should become independent from Spain or not. Clearly this is a controversial issue and it may be a good apect to take for a written piece of coursework as you could discuss the different points of view and the reasons people want to to become indepenent but also why it is not such a good idea.

hope this helps in some way.