1 UUUH no (the UUU as in BOO)
2 dose be sure and hiss the s. It is not z
3 trehs ditto
4 QUAH troh
5 SIN koh It is not SINK oh
6 SEHS be sure and hiss the s. It is no a z. A variation is SAIS.
7 see EH teh or See EH tay
8 OH choh (the ch as in cherry)
9 new EH veh . A variation is new AY vay
10 dee EHZ. A variation is dee AYZ.

The above preferred pronunciations are as I hear them here in Mexico in the highlands.

Adios. jerezano.
hehe, brilliant!! thankyou so much!
And now for the numbers from 11 to a million...

Just joking.
AnonymousIf possible numbers 1 to 10!

Thanks for your help!

The numbers here go up as high as you feel like going. Just click on the number and it is pronounced:


This page only has a few numbers, but has them written out and they are also pronounced when you click on them:

1 oo no

2 doss

3 trez

4 cwat rro (roll the r a little)

5 think o

6 says

7 siet e (short e sound, as in egg)

8 ocho (short o sound, as in orange)

9 nueb e (short e sound)

10 dee eth