Palabras que cambian de significado con /r/ simple y /r/ doble

pera = pear
perra = female dog

para = for, to
parra= grapevine

pero = but
perro = dog
Not sure if you are asking a question here or not, but I know when I started learning earlier this year I thought I would struggle with words like this. However once you fit then into the context of the conversation or passage its relatively easy to work out what someone means.

I daresay its the same as someone learning english differentiating between a word such as present, present or present.

Here is your Birthday present.

I present this gift to you.

I am talking in the present tense..

Confusing eh?!
hi! indeed we should talk about the sounds of letter /r/ but thanks for your comment... and making some kind of relation...

para = for, to
¡para! = stop!