¿Cómo uno puede decir mejor
en español este concepto ?:
"As you begin your journey,
I'm already on my way back".

Cuando vos fuiste,
Yo fui y vine 10 veces.
Mientras tú recién salías, yo ya estaba volviendo.
Dear, Nimo:
I don't remember having said anything about 10 times !

Where the hell did you get that ?
CromMientras tú recién salías, yo ya estaba volviendo.
That sounds OK, Crom.

He presented it as an idiom, which I'm sure he thought that's what you were looking for, the idiom equivalent to what you said in English. No need to get rude with him, he's merely presenting his suggestion. I'm sure he didn't realize you were looking for a direct translation, because technically that's not what you asked.

Also, I DO remember you saying something about a journey, something Crom didn't include in his suggestion.
Dear, Shalloe:
Again you're demonstrating your sensitive nature. Even to friends I'm used to
saying "what the hell..." they never consider it rudeness ! That's the way I talk when
I want to be sort of informal, like to friends. You'll notice that I even fondly addressed
him as Nimo (I hope he is not a she). In fact it it were not in this forum, I would have
used the more colorfull "f.u.c.k. !" after "what the..." Even on television you hear the
expletive often enough to know it is just that, a manner speaking. Only a convent girl
would be sobremanera quisquilloso about it. Anyway, if you find my mild expletive
too offensive to your fine sensibilities, would an apology then appease you ? I only hope
you would do the same to a common friend with whom you comported in a rather

nasty and uncivil manner (to put it politely) ! I think you owe him an apology as I owe you one !

Now, coming back to the reply of our friend, Anónimo, I was jus a bit puzzled about
the appearance of 10 times, as I was not expecting that. If that was an established idiom
where he comes from, then he should explain it himself. I don't suppose he has authorized you to be his spokesperson, has he ?
Any way, why don't we let Anónimo say it he was offended by my remarks, in which case
I would be more than willing to offer my hand of friendship, in the spirit of sportsmanship !

Hello guys!

I think we would all appreciate it if you guys relaxed a bit. Emotion: smile

We want this to be a friendly forum where everyone can take part, give his opinion, express himself openly, but always being respective.

Why don't you guys shake hands Emotion: shake hands and start again?
PuccaWhy don't you guys shake hands Emotion: shake hands and start again?
No have no problem with me on that, Pucca.
Estoy dispuesto a hacer las paces con cualquiera que yo hubiera ofendido.
Pero, repito: No fue mi intencion.
I respect and appreciate your role as a peacemaker, Pucca.