Tengo una pregunta, ¿cómo se dice "ojalá" en inglés?

Ojalá estuviera (Yo) contigo"..Emotion: thinking
Gracias, ¡¡¡saludos!!!
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"hopefully" es lo más cercano, aunque uno puede decir "I hope I'd be with you"
Solo es "HOPE"

Wish es deseo.

Buena suerte!!!
Watcha = What are you............

as in "Watcha gonna do?" = What are you going to do?
el quizá o quizás quieren decir lo mismo, eso no queda duda, pero en las contruciones gramaticales de las oraciones, el quizá se utiliza en el caso que esté a continuación una palabra que comience con consonante, el caso que sea vocal escribimos-decimos quizás,
Not necessarily, Ojalá doesnt translate directly exactly.. its very vague. A LOT of language doesnt translate perfectly...

Ojalá sometimes, depending on the contexts translates best as Wish, and other times, Hopefully, etc... so you shouldnt put words in these specific translation boxes because its going to screw you up if you ever get to the fluency in which you can speak the language like second nature. Language is NEVER exact, especially with Spanish and English, there are very loosely translated expresions and words that DONT have an exact equivalent in the other languages.

Bueno.. ojalá y esto te sirva, suerte a vos.
It means - I wish
Creo que se dice

hopefully I were with you
I wish I could be with you!