I wanted to know pronounciation of como estas

the sign above the o and the a, how it changes or does it change the pronounciation of these wordsl

To explain pronounciation you can use any english words as guide for me.

Thanks. Gracias.
Dear Offeror,
the sign above the o and the a (here),
does nót change the sound of it;
it just indicates where to accentuate
the syllable in the pronunciation
of these words.
You say therefore: "cómo estás"
The "sound" of the o is like in pronunciation
and of the a is like in accentuate.....
Hopefully this helps you.
Mucho éxito. Wikke.

Thanks for that information.

Further relating to pronunciation in the sentences

"y" is used and it works like and

how to we say this word?

About introducing myself i would say:

"Me llamo Offeror"

"Mon nom esta Offeror"

Correct this if i'm wrong. Just trying to make things.

Thanks a lot.
The sound of "y" is like in pronunciation;
"Me llamo Offeror" (I am called..) es correcto,
"My name is...." = "Mi nombre es...."
Saludos. Wikke.