No estoy ni ahí

= I don't give a damn.
= I really don't care and have absolutely no interest in it.

- A: Mira, el escándalo salió en el diario hoy. - B: No estoy ni ahí.

Though this phrase has been around for a long time, these words have been immortalized by Marcelo (Chino) Rios, the ex World Number One in tennis. He is/was famous for not worrying about 'appearances' and reporters. He was just himself all the time without worrying what other people may think. This phrase was one of his favourites. Sometimes a reporter would say "You made a fool of yourself at that pub last night." and Chino Rios would say "No estoy ni ahí." meaning "I don't care." (and do you think It really matters at all?)
Hola Woodward, en México se dice "Me vale" pero puede sonar muy rudo.
In Chile, it also sounds rude when you say it.