Hola a todos,

I am a new user and I can't log into my account.  My username is Valeria JH.  I was able to register just fine and apparently my account was validated, but now every time I try to log in I get a message about how I need to clear my cookies.  I cleared the cookies and tried again and it said the same thing, then I requested a password change and when I tried to use the new password it gave me the invalid credentials message, but now it's back to just telling me I need to clear my cookies.  I know that's not the issue because I have tried to log on on various different computers and cleared the cookies on all of them and I still can't log in anywhere.  ¡Ayúdame por favor!
Hi Valeria, this is a pretty unusual matter!
The best thing would be for me to delete your Valeria JH account and you can then register again (with the same details) and hope it works for you. Let me know if you want me to do that...
Hello, thank you for replying. Yes, could you please delete my account then? Then I'll register again and see what happens.

Thanks again!
Ok try registering again Emotion: smile Hope it works!