Translating any line of my poem, would be a great help.Thank you

I never knew that so much anger could penetrate my soul

And all that agonising pain would pierce into every hole

That one day all that hatred would fill me up

I felt betrayed, lost in fury, you were my death cup

I could not feel, I did not cry, everything was just a blur

It weren’t me, it weren’t you, and it weren’t even her

It wasn’t true my mind would say

I would beg to forget in my prays

Want the memories to disappear instead

Not to exist, not to remember and not to be dead

Though you came back, to ruin my heart once and for all

I replied with dreadful spite, you never cried as I recall

It wasn’t much happening after that I ignored your existence

It was easy because of the extensive distance

Then I woke up in the light of reality

I had to stop all this evil brutality

I knew from the start when you used to defer

That I was wrong, there was no her

It was my imagination running wild,

How stupid it was of me to be so blind

But how come it felt so good

Feeling sorry for myself and wanted to be understood

Making up lies, entering my world of terror

Anyone could see it was just my horrifying error

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