This is a question mainly for foreigners learning Spanish as a second language:

What are your favourite books to learn Spanish?

Which books are you using now?

Which ones don't you like?

(Ok, I know that there are many computer programmes for learning Spanish out there but it might be helpful to know which books you use.)

I currently use a Spanish-Englich dictionary (of course, w/ 120,000 translations) and I also have a spanish verbs book (Barron's) on conjugations. It has over 300 verbs and it is small enough to carry with me in my purse. I have the texts from my spanish class entitled Destinos. I like them a lot, Destinos. I find the format easy to follow since they are videos and more like real life. I also have a CD set on Spanish that I think are helpful to me. It is a 4 CD set and it has a lot of practices on them to help you to retain what you are learning. I like the quiz-type lessons. To me they are helpful. I also have The Everything Learning Spanish book. I am trying to get some use out of it and find it is more of the same beginner books that are out there. I hope it will become more useful as I progress throught it.

I can only answer for myself as other people will have different learning styles and also their own personal preferences as to the types of books they use. As I get further along in my language acquisition, I will increase the number of my books as I hope to one day travel to Mexico to meet a friend I met on the internet. I hope to learn all I can and I know I will as long as I stick with it.

In my experience:

1. Teach Yourself Spanish is an excellent beginner or refresher course (make sure to get the book-cd package)

2. The Practice Makes Perfect Spanish Language Series is also excellent for learning grammar and conjugations. They are in-depth and are workbooks. You can practice what you've learned and build on it. I'm using those write now.

3. I don't recommend any of the EuroTalk Instant Immersion Spanish stuff. While you can learn a lot of vocabulary, there are no grammar explanations and no way to produce the language on your own apart from the words and phrases you learn.
A few weeks ago I found a new book called "Lengua espanola; comprension". (sorry, in this computer I can't write the "n" with the hat)

The interesting thing is that as soon as I opened the book, I started to understand spanish and the rules of the language. I'm now in the 8th chapter, but even so, I understand what the people around me is talking about (at least the meaning of what they say). I really recommend it. Mainly if you want to learn on your own.

I moved to Spain from Polonia a few months ago, and I tried to learn by myself reading books, but I have no time to spend trying to understand the grammar. With this book, the grammar "flows" directly into your brain. In fact, I'm ignoring the grammar included at the end of every chapter, and it works fine.

The webpage were I ordered it is You have a few pages there to browse how it works.

Thanks. S.
While I don't officially start Spanish I for a few weeks, I have been looking over the following books:

Spanish Step By Step
Charles Berlitz
ISBN: 0-922066-28-0

Spanish Made Simple
Eugene Jackson and Antonio Rubio; Revised by Judith Nemethy
ISBN: 0-7679-1541-0

The Complete Book Of Spanish Grade 1-3
School Speciality Publishing
ISBN: 0-7696-3426-5

The last one is a children's book, but as a visual learner I think the pictures help more than hurt.

I'd suggest Spanish Step By Step and Spanish Made Simple because they start you off phonetically and slowly progress into more complex exercises.
I recommend Lengua Española :Comprensión, this is the good method for start.When I learned latin I use this method. It works
You can order in
i recommend GRAMATICA BASICA del ESTUDIANTE de ESPANOL ( difisuion)

it`s very easy to follow and understand and there are lots of exercises..
I have the usual grammar books and dictionary

I like to read childrens books in spanish Emotion: stick out tongue I recommend the very hungry catapillar. It is repetative so you learn .. its also sooo cute ^^