Hola, me llamo Kat.Emotion: cat Tomé tres clases de español pero yo no hablo bien. Español es muy difícil para mi. Necesito aprender español ¿Qué recomienda usted?

I've taken three semesters of college spanish and all I really know is that isn't a good way for me to learn. I only know bits and pieces here and there but everyone else in my last class were able to carry a conversation.What do you think is a good way to learn spanish?
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Hi Kat,

I think you probabaly have one of the most important things: a desire to learn.

Next I would say that absorbing yourself in the language is a big help. Do you know any native speakers that would like to do an exchange for your English knowledge? If not, maybe your school can put you into contact with someone. If you can't find a native speaker to practice with, try to set up a regular session with someone in your class.

A big help for me was watching television programs and movies in Spanish. Also, try reading some spanish books (with a copy of the book in English as a guide to help you understand tricky bits).

A wide vocabulary is also helpful. Reading will broaden your Spanish vocab. You could also set yourself a target of learning say fifty words a week related to a different topic. Keep your various topic lists and revisit them every week or so to test/reinforce your vocabulary.

Forums such as this can provide useful tips and someone will always respond to a question you post.

Finally (and most obviously) the Internet is a great tool to help you learn. The following sites may be of use as a starting point (but there are thousands!!!):

Spanish Talk
Study Spanish

Buena suerte.
Hi Kat
Welcome to this forum.
Even the whole life is not enough to learn a language properly.So don't lose your heart .Keep on trying.You will be able to speak soonEmotion: smile
Welcome Kat!

I Agree in a loty of the advices from Frank. Personaly I have done a lot of the thing Frank advices you to do. To read, hear, use and practice the language in different ways (as often as possible) is importaint to learn it. I think the will and the desire is very important too! Because it's really not easy to learn if it does not interest you a bit. I know how that feels.

I really would like to learn, but did not feel that I learned enough and as much as I wanted in school. So I tackled it with help from my teacher, internet, spanish tv, I red the grammar rules, practiced vocabularies, solved exercises and what I was able to find. There are a lot of free stuff to learn from! E.g. This foro where you can ask about anything,(may it be big or a tiny little one) and maybe even solve doubts you can not easily find an answer for anywhere else....
i agree ..just go for it even if its just five minutes a day you will be glad you have learned it.

muy bien.
so what do you think are the best sites to learn spanish on the web (apart from this one of course ;-) )
i think its quite easy to get downhearted about learning a new language.
spanish seems more logical to me than alot of other languages, but even though im trying to learn a few words each day and then test myself at the end of the week, there is inevitably a time when im too busy to do it and so i drift off into forgetting to do it! :-)

where is the best place to learn the verbs from?
Hola Kat, me llamo Mike Emotion: smile

What do you know - I just learned some more spanish!!!!

I'm more of a beginner than you are - but so far I'm getting good results from the Michel Thomas introductory course - using it in the car to and from work.

He doesn't approach the subject from the "holiday spanish" perespective which (i'm told) pervades the majority of "spanish for english speakers" type courses. He concentrates on getting the grammar right, and putting together longer sentences adding words as they're required to develop your knowledge of the language. From my point of view it's unfortunate that he's only making passing references to castillian, as it's Spain that i'll be visiting next year. His method is supposed to be especially helpful for those who've had difficulty learning languages in the past.

One drawback is that because it's all audio, you don't always get a clear idea of how things are spelt. - but how many students can say and understand the following after less than 2 hours tuition?(spelling excepted)

¿que opinion tiene de la situacion politica y economica en espania a houra?

Of course - i wouldn't have a hope of understanding anybody trying to answer that question yet - but at least it's a start... Emotion: smile

you might also find this handy


though i've no experience of this product - just found it whilst I was looking for resources.

Hope this helps, and that you get your spanish up to where you would like it to be.
The best way is to "pony up" and move to a spanish speaking country for a while. I lived in South America for a year, and I even found love down there. Emotion: wink

hello kat. okay you can go to some interesting websites that learn spanish for free and you can post there your questions to be answered. See this website it's really interesting and i have been really helped there Emotion: smile : www.splingual.com
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