lo siento por usando ingles. quiero asegurarme que decir lo que quiero decir Emotion: smile

Before the change in the forums (very nice by the way) I used to use the RSS feeds to keep an eye on the forums I found most helpful (6 in total) and now they appear to have moved.

Are they going to move back to where they were before, or am I going to have to set them all up again in my rss reader?

what are those useful threads?
It's not individual threads i'm watching, it's forum topics. In particular:

Beginner's Spanish - Español para principiantes http://www.forodeespanol.com/Archive/rss.aspx?ForumID=44&Mode=0
Vocabulario y Modismos - Vocabulary http://www.forodeespanol.com/Archive/rss.aspx?ForumID=29&Mode=0
Libros y Películas - Book and films http://www.forodeespanol.com/Archive/rss.aspx?ForumID=26&Mode=0
Amigos en todo el mundo - Make friends, meet people, friendly chat http://www.forodeespanol.com/Archive/rss.aspx?ForumID=16&Mode=0
El tema del momento - Topic of the moment! http://www.forodeespanol.com/Archive/rss.aspx?ForumID=38&Mode=0
Temas polémicos - Controversial subjects http://www.forodeespanol.com/Archive/rss.aspx?ForumID=28&Mode=0

However, it appears these URLs no longer work

Hi, everything is still there, just click on the orange button named "FORUMS" http://www.forodeespanol.com/Archive /
Sorry, let me try again

At the bottom of every forum page there is a link "RSS Available" - which I make good use of. This no longer works.

Yea sorry about that, on our list of things to fix Emotion: wink