Como he prometido antes, aquí están las respuestas a mi post "An apple aday...":

1. 12 angulos
2. Escalera (stairs)

3. Your age (tu edad)

4. The word "queue" (hacer cola)

5. Tus codos (your elbows)


B: Manzanas y hermanitas.
The puzzle: 5 apples for each of my 5 little sisters with one apple to remain in the basket.
The answer: Here's how I did it: I simply took out 4 apples from the basket and
gave one to each of my 4 sisters. And to my fifth sister I gave the

whole basket with the fifth apple in it. ! [H]M


Hola amigo!

¿Y qué con respuesta a adivinanza para adultos?

PS: Mark, mucho tiempo que no te he visto aquí. ¿Qué se ocurría?

I was out of town, in the boondocks (mountains) on an assignment.
RE: Our little episode on Count Dracula and his 3 vampiresses and the 2 condoms:

The trick is really simple. Just follow these 3 easy steps. But first, for purposes of easy reference,

let's label the 2 condoms as CD-1 and CD-2 respectively.


1. Slip on CD-1 (I suppose you know where) and have fun with your first vampiress.
2. Then, remove CD-1 and slip on CD-2, and proceed to the second leg of you climactic journey
with vampiress #2.

And now comes the denouement (desenlace):
3. Without removing CD-2, turn CD-1 inside out and slip it on over CD-2, and bingo !!..
you have your third unused condom for your third la-Monroe* vampiress !

ojo: *Marilyn Monroe, a famous movie sex-bomb during the time of U.S. President J.F. Kennedy

and a "good friend" of Jacqueline.

'ta luego, amigo. [H]M

OK Mark, gracias por la solución ... pero como siempre tengo dudas jajaja.
La solución de esta manera sería segura sólo para Draco. Segura, pero ¿sería confortable? Intenta andar en una katiuska (bota de goma) llena de agua Emotion: wink Emotion: big smile.

But, Wes, in the absence of any other solution, I think I'd settle for a little disconfort than nothing
at all ! I certainly wouldn't pass up an opportunity with la-Monroe even if under an unseemly and awkward situation like walking with rubber boots full of water like you mentioned. Believe me, I know how it feels. (Walking with rubber boots full of water, I mean). [H]M