In English, the expression is:
"Repeat after me". In español, it is
commonly: "Repita conmigo".
Now, this "repita conmigo" bothers me a lot.
It doesn't make any sense to me at all.
In fact it even defies logic !
Let me explain.
When someone asks you to "repeat after him",
you naturally understand it to mean that he/she
will say something after which you are to repeat
what he/she has just said. So, here we have
a chronology of two successive actions taking
place one after another.
Now, when you ask that someone to "sing
with me" (cantar conmigo), what you want him/her
to do is to sing simultaneously with you. That is,
the two of you both singing together at the same

time, like a duet. So here we have two actions
occuring at the same time, a situation of
Therefore when someone asks you en español:
"Repita conmigo", what exactly does that someone
want you to do ? Repeat with him/her simultaneously
what he/she is going to say ? Repeat at the same time ?

How the hell can that be done ?!

Now, you tell me !

Just asking, that's all ! [H]M
hahaha... I totally understand what you mean... I'm from Mexico so I speak spanish all the time, and yes "conmigo" means "with me" which is at the same time... BUT (dun dun dun) the thing is the the wort repeat means to do or say something that's already being done/said... so if someone tells you "repita conmigo" you do it after and if they tell you something, just tell them that you can't repeatwhat's never being said... Emotion: stick out tongue
That's exactly the kind of logic I admire in a person,
more so if it comes as it does from someone tan guapa

como tu, Aiida.

Anyway, I wasn't really seriously questioning the logic

and correctness of the phrase, as I'm perfectly aware that

idiomatic expressions don't necessarily have to be all that
grammatical or sensible. I wrote the post more as a thought-
provoking item than anything else.

Te agradezco el interés en el post.
Hope to hear from you again. [H]M
¡ Qué lógica Exlmark ! Disfruto mucho esta explicación profunda.... hi hi hi
Por favor baila conmigo, (si entiendo bien) lo que significa:
bailo de primera yo y entonces bailas túEmotion: big smile
ansbailo de primera yo y entonces bailas tú Emotion: big smile
Imagine for a moment this futuristic
dialogue between you and me;

— YOU: Ok, Mark, now "baila conmigo".
— ME: What exactly do you mean, Ma'm ?
— YOU: I mean dance after me !

ojo: I would have no problem understanding
what you mean if you happenned to be
my dance instructress !Emotion: rofl

Even the sky will have no limit exchanging confidences
(en español claro) meanwhile dancing the night away together ...Emotion: embarrassed