I just produced the following guide to producing Spanish characters in Microsoft Word. Unsurprisingly, it's a word document (attached) Please feel free to download, distribute, and modify as you feel appropriate. Currently it's UK-centric as that's where I am. Perhaps a US member could check it out from that angle and post amendments? (position of ~ key etc)

I just discovered that Microsoft Word has some nice shortcuts for putting in accented characters
(e.g. á can be typed as ctrl-altgr-a) I've also included a column listing the more regular way to create accents in Windows which works in all packages.

An additional suggestion: If this forum has anybody with the necessary programming knowledge, it would help considerably if the formatting bar on the edit screen could be extended to include the accented characters Emotion: smile

Anyway, hope this helpful to someone
Erm, that should have had an attachment, but I'm not allowed to upload it.

You can use the following link to download it:


I recommend as good practice that you always virus-scan files you download from the Internet - even mine:) - my virus scanner is up to date and I'm behind a good firewall, but you never know...

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The Spanish keyboard has the accent, the English not? If you need it, use that:

à é í ó ú ü ñ (this stragne letter very useful in Spanish Emotion: stick out tongue)
what is alt gr?
you usually find it to the right of your space-bar. it's the right-hand alt key.